Turbidity measurement in the coagulation and flocculation plant

Turbidity measurement

As the flocculation plant is designed to remove particles from the water using coagulation, the turbidity must naturally be measured as well. Optical sensors are used to determine whether the process is effective and whether the turbidity of the water meets the requirements for drinking water.

Our solution for turbidity measurement

Turbidity measurement in the flocculation plant

Clear water thanks to JUMO sensors

The aim of the coagulation process and the flocculation plant is to remove particles from the water. These are visible in the form of turbidity. The JUMO tecLine NTU optical sensor monitors this purification process and reliably measures the turbidity of the water, even when it is no longer visible to the human eye. The values are displayed and controlled by means of the JUMO AQUIS 500 RS transmitter and controller.

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