Differential pressure measurement

Differential pressure monitoring

Differential pressure measurement is necessary to monitor leaks in plate heat exchangers. Here, the differential pressure between the plates should be 2 to 4 bar. This can be implemented with 2 pressure transmitters and a controller as well as with 1 differential pressure transmitter.

Process data
Temperature of the ice water 1 to 2 °C
Operating pressure 10 bar
Pressure differential 2 to 4 bar

Recommended solution for differential pressure measurement

A reliable system due to even pressure

Our solution for differential pressure monitoring

To maintain the differential pressure between the plates of the heat exchanger, we recommend the JUMO dTRANS p20 DELTA differential pressure transmitter in conjunction with a diaphragm seal and the JUMO diraTRON compact controller. Here the JUMO LOGOSCREEN 600 paperless recorder is also used to record the values and make use of its diverse monitoring functions such as triggering an alarm or other functions if a limit value is exceeded.

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