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202520 (Product archive)

Microprocessor conductivity transmitters/controllers

202525 (Product archive)

Microprocessor ultrapure water transmitters/controller

202926 (Product archive)

JUMO tecLine Lf-TA Conductive conductivity measuring cells

202930 (Product archive)

JUMO BlackLine Lf-4C Conductive 4 electrode conductivity measuring cells


Multi-range pressure and differential pressure transmitters

404005 (Product archive)

Pressure gauge to be built into control panels, types 4 EA-.. and 4 QA-

404010 (Product archive)

Pressure gauges in sheet steel housings

404020 (Product archive)

JUMO manic Contact pressure gauge

404110 (Product archive)

Stainless steel pressure gauge NG 100 type 420

404200 (Product archive)

Pressure and differential pressure switches

404310 (Product archive)

Pressure transmitter with actual value display

406040 (Product-archive)

JUMO PINOS L01 - Calorimetric Flow Sensor

601530 (Product archive)

Rod thermostat with micro switch, type series STMA

603041 (Product archive)

Add-on thermostat, type series AM

603051 (Product archive)

Add-on thermostats, types series AMTHF

604024 (Product archive)

JUMO Room thermostat ATHR

604045 (Product archive)

Room thermostat, type AMFRc-1333

608502 (Product archive)


608510 (Product archive)


701505 (Product archive)

Digital single-channel display instrument in micro-processor technology

701520 (Product archive)

JUMO di-48 Programmable display instrument

703020 (Product archive)

dTRON 04,B 703020

Only two-state/three-state controllers

703021 (Product archive)

dTRON 08,B 703021,D 97580/08

Only two-state/three-state controllers

703025 (Product archive)

dTRON 08,three-state modulating controller,B 703025

Only three-state modulating controllers

703026 (Product archive)

dTRON 04,B 703026

Only three-state modulating controllers Interface description

703028 (Product archive)

dTRON 08, continuous controller, B 703025,703028

Only continuous controller

703028_1 (Product archive)

dTRON 04,B 703028

Only continuous controller

703030,703031,703032 (Product archive)

dTRON 081,dTRON 041,B 703030

Note the differing operating concepts! (The module is available with an EXIT or ENTER key)

703030,703031,703032_1 (Product archive)

dTRON 081,dTRON 041,B 703030

Note the differing operating concepts! (Modules with an EXIT or ENTER key)

703520 (Product archive)

Dicon SC, SRC-96/, D 97540, B 703520

706031 (Product archive)

Logoprint 500 junior - Printing recorder with text printing

706050 (Product archive)

Dicon PRT, PRT-96/, B 95645, 706050

709030 (Product archive)

TYA-110/1, D 98906,709030

709031 (Product archive)

TYA-110/2, D 98906,709031

750102 (Product archive)


906021 (Produkt-Archiv)

Platin-Glas-Temperatursensoren nach DIN EN 60 751, Bauform PG/PGL

906023 (Produkt-Archiv)

Platin-Folien-Temperatursensor nach DIN EN 60 751, Bauform PF

906024 (Produkt-Archiv)

Platin-Glas-Temperatursensoren nach DIN EN 60 751, Bauform PG/PGL

906125 (Product archive)

Platinum-Chip Temperature Sensors in SMD Design Type according to DIN EN 60751, PCS design type, with tin-plated nickel connectors

907020 (Product archive)

Hygro and Hygrothermal Transducers (Capacitive) for Air Conditioning Applications (907020) | 30.09.2014

953526,953527,953528 (Product archive)

Logoline 340jr, LLv-44jr/4, B 953526

954010 (Product archive)

Logoprint 100, LP6v-44/2, D 92960, B 954011

954011 (Product archive)

Logoprint 140, LP6v-44/4, D 92961, B 954011

954021 (Product archive)

Logoprint 084, LMv-44/4, B 954021,D 92965

958098 (Product archive)

PCA communication server,B 955098,709708

97460 (Product archive)