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Intrinsically Safe Industrial Measuring Probes for Humidity, Temperature, and Derived Measurands (907025)


For measuring relative humidity and temperature

  • The calculations of dew point temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, and wet-bulb temperature are possible as options
  • User-friendly, modular measuring probe concept
  • Intelligent exchange probes that save all calibration coefficients
  • Temperature resistant from -70 to +180 °C (depending on the type of probe)
  • Pressure resistant up to 100 bar (depending on the type of probe)
  • Safe operation of the complete device in potentially explosive areas of category 1G / zone 0 and 1D / zone 20 with protection cover (EU)
  • Traceable to NIST (including certificate)


  • For measurements in complex industrial applications
  • For measurements under rough operating conditions


Best of its class for complex humidity measurements in Ex-areas

Five device types are available and allow for a high degree of flexibility.
          Type 907025/61: for wall mounting
          Type 907025/63: with probe cable for general applications up to 120 °C
          Type 907025/64: for process pressures up to 100 bar as well as vacuum applications
          Type 907025/65: for high process temperatures up to 180 °C
          Type 907025/68: for overpressure pipe systems up to 40 bar

These intrinsically safe industrial measuring probes were developed to meet the need of providing precise and risk-free humidity monitoring in potentially explosive areas.
This series sets completely new standards for easy mounting and user-friendliness. The modular add-on concept consists of four parts that can be separated from each other (wall holder, housing bottom, electronic unit, and probe), thereby substantially simplifying mounting, operation, and maintenance. Versatile uses for almost all applications are possible in connection with five exchangeable probes.
Recalibration of the measuring probe is no longer necessary when replacing the probes as all calibration coefficients are already stored in the probe's memory itself and the coefficients are transmitted when connected to the central processing unit. Otherwise, the probe design types do not differ from the proven standard versions of the industrial series that offers 2 m, 5 m, or 10 m sensor lines. The special sensor head variants that permit use in an underpressure and overpressure range from 0 to 100 bar and at high process temperatures of up to 180 °C are also available.

These intrinsically safe industrial measuring probes are the first choice when it comes to humidity, temperature, and derived measurands. The measuring probes are extremely robust and are based on the latest sensor technology. Due to the microprocessor controlled electronics and a large number of options the measuring probes can be applied with a high degree of flexibility. When ordering, the user can directly specify the configuration of the measuring probe.

The measuring probes can be completely installed in areas that are classified as permanently potentially explosive. These areas include combustible gases as well as combustible dust.

The optional software extension allows the integrated microprocessor to calculate absolute humidity variables such as dew point Td (°C), absolute humidity a (g/m³), mixing ratio x (g/kg), and wet bulb temperature Tw (°C). Per default, the intrinsically safe measuring probes are equipped with an analog output (4 to 20 mA). In addition, a second analog output and an integrated LCD display / operating pad can be added as an option.
All measuring probes are equipped with sensors that have the latest thin film technology. The continuous further development and improvement of these sensors is backed by over 20 years worth of experience. The sensors particularly distinguish themselves through the highest precision, reliability, and stability.

The connection to the voltage supply (DC 12 to 28 V) when used in potentially explosive areas must be carried out via intrinsically safe power supply devices or protection barriers that are available from third parties. When used in category 1 (zone 0), an intrinsically safe power supply device (e.g. type JUMO 707530/38) must be used per channel. When used in categories 2 + 3 (zone 1 + 2) safety barriers are sufficient. These, however, are not part of the JUMO scope of delivery.
For further information please consult the current operating manual that comes with the measuring probe!

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