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Hygro and Hygrothermal Transducer (Hygrometric) (907031)
Hygro and Hygrothermal Transducer (Hygrometric) (907031)

For measuring relative air humidity and temperature

  • For indoor, air duct, and outdoor mounting
  • With resistance, current, or voltage outputs
  • Can be used continuously in areas of high humidity (up to 100 % RH) (duct version)
  • No voltage feed required for passive devices
  • In normal circulated air, the sensing element is largely maintenance free

Hygrostat (Hygrometric) (907032)
Hygrostat (Hygrometric) (907032)

For easy two-state control of relative air humidity

  • For indoor and duct versions
  • Also available with covered setpoint adjuster
  • Duct version can be used continuously in areas of high humidity
  • Indoor version also suitable for flush-mounted box installation
  • With potential-free changeover contact(s)
  • No voltage supply required (passive operation)
  • Sensing element is maintenance-free when operated in a clean environment