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JUMO PINOS L02 – Calorimetric Flow Sensor (406041)


  • With switch and analog output
  • No moving parts
  • Variable installation position of the sensor (can be rotated 360°)
  • Integrated temperature measurement
  • Applicable to many liquids

Customer benefits

  • Configuration interface
    Simple connection to the setup program via the micro USB interface.
  • Flexibility
    By turning the sensor 360°, the measuring device can be installed in any installation position regardless of the flow direction.
  • Process reliability
    Different fittings and versions ensure a simple and reliable connection.
  • Applications
    Can be used for different liquids in various nominal tube widths.


For applications with switching output

  • Monitoring function for such devices as cooling circuits, pumps, and heat exchangers
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Protection against dry running for pumps
  • Monitoring of lubricating circuits

For applications with analog output:

  • Measurements of low flow velocities in such fields as mechanical and plant engineering


The JUMO PINOS L02 flow sensor measures and monitors flow velocities of liquid media. The measurement method is based on the calorimetric measuring principle and does not include any moving parts which can influence the flow profile negatively. The resulting measured value can be issued via an analog output of 4 to 20 mA or an open/close switching output. A device version with analog and switching output is also available. Both output variants can be configured for the output of the flow velocity or the medium temperature. The status of the device is displayed using 3 LEDs. The JUMO PINOS L02 can be used for a nominal pressure up to 75 bar and in an admissible flow range of 0 to 300 cm/s. To allow for simple startup of the flow sensor, it is equipped with a micro USB interface while a setup program is also available as an accessory. A switching point can be set on-site using a push-button on the user interface. Additionally, the push-button can be used for flow calibration if the process requirements do not correspond to the default settings.

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Setup JUMO PINOS L02 406041

Download  401.exe (30-Tage-Testversion)  (55.7 MB)

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